space jam

i may be the last person to blog about the prevalence of the balenciaga scuba sweatshirt on the street-style set (especially at NYFW), but i promise it’s not for lack of recognition — i just haven’t had the time! i’ve more than taken notice of the trend, though. this graphic, balloon-esque neoprene topper calls to question everything we’ve ever believed about fashion. why on earth do we wear this stuff? is this a trend, or are trends just dead? does this reinforce the notion that if a street style sweetheart like laure wears something, no matter how zany or comic-book-nerdy or absurd, it has to be cool?

well, maybe. it is cool. especially worn with a sleek pencil skirt, neoprene leggings or a flippy skirt. the explosive sci-fi design takes center stage — a nod to the future, maybe? perhaps “retro future” is more appropriate; we’ve hardly achieved the flying cars or robots people predicted back in the eighties, but they look kind of cute and quirky on a designer dud.

but why keep it simple with a minimalist approach? why not own up to the fact that you’re wearing a sweatshirt so ridiculous that a $400+ price tag doesn’t actually feel that wrong? add an over-the-top sparkly necklace and white shades (image 4) and you may just stand out from the sea of girls wearing the exact same sweatshirt (or the less-preposterous incarnation, the t-shirt).

(images via tommy ton for

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