rock candy


dannijo earrings / image via the chic department

“less is a bore,” said gianni versace, and even on my most minimal jeans-and-t-shirt days, i always agree with him. i mostly follow this school of thought because of my love of jewelry; my friends know me as a hoarder, and while none of my current pieces are exactly “estate-worthy,” my future daughters are going to have a field day with all of my costume baubles, which i pile on with abandon. statement necklaces, bangles and bracelets, dozens of gold rings… the only thing really missing from my collection is earrings.

for someone who has permanent glitz in the form of double-helix rings in my upper left ear, my lobes are usually pretty lonely. save for a pair of simple studs, i rarely wear any earrings, especially none of the statement-making variety. it’s always felt just a little too formal. what i was missing was the precise way to mix it into my wardrobe.

i was instantly inspired after i saw the photo above. giant clusters of crystals aren’t just for special occasions; in fact, they look way cooler worn with a messy bun and crisp white button-down. or a loose t-shirt and distressed denim. or camouflage. or a tank dress. that mix of ultra-casual + refined is the definition of the in the mix philosophy.

the only question is… which earrings do i choose? while shourouk and dannijo offer truly lustworthy options, i’m not trying to spend upwards of $400 for such a trendy piece. also, i don’t have that much money.  luckily asos has dozens of big earrings that are both on-trend and affordable, ringing in at around $30 each. for that jaw-dropping low price, i may have to scoop up a few pairs.

big earrings

clockwise from top left: stone bouquet stud earrings ($21), summer doorknocker earrings ($31), triangle leaf earrings ($26), rhinestone vine earrings ($17), stone earrings ($17), jewel vine earrings ($17)

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