break the rules

no white after labor day? please. just like “you can’t wear navy with black,” this is a so-called rule that just doesn’t hold true anymore. i can’t promise we won’t return to strict, traditionalist fashion at some point in the next decade (which would be extremely inconvenient for my closet) but for now, i think we can all agree that it’s so much more appealing to do what’s “wrong” than to worry about what’s supposedly “right.”

case in point: new york fashion week just ended, but in the meantime, can we just marvel at how incredible they all looked in shades of white? i especially love that miroslava duma, aimee song and my other favorites chose creamy ensembles amid the bitter nemo blizzard – it might make sense to wear white on a particularly warm winter’s day, but on one of the coldest? that’s just plain rebellious.

10-02112013-r29-nyfw-121-marine-van-outryve 20-55a1602-aimee-song 28-02142013-r29-nyfw-30 41-02142013-r29-nyfw-147 13-02112013-r29-nyfw-97-sam-aldenton

image002 image_010

images via refinery29 and

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