coco chanel once said, “fashion passes. style remains.”

this is something i live by here on in the mix. i love a great designer piece just as much as the next girl, but i know what will (or won’t) stand the test of time. trends fade, clothes wear out, investment pieces lose their luster… to put it simply, fashion doesn’t always translate to style. style comes from within. it’s personal.

for me, my style is about the mix:high + low. casual + dressy. uptown + downtown. classic + bohemian. i love adding an unexpected touch to every outfit — it’s the key to looking current, yet timeless.

i’m inspired by everything when it comes to fashion: old films, magazines, art, nature, music, and especially blogs. blogging is kind of incredible; it gives anyone an uncensored, unsupervised outlet to share their passion with the entire world. as a fashion-obsessed student, i truly feel blogging has transformed my perspective. each blog post requires something different — a unique new idea — and that’s the key to staying fresh and creative all the time.

here on in the mix i aim to share this philosophy with you with a few rotating features: “trendspotting,” which highlights new trends (and gives you ideas for how to wear them), “color story,” a mood board inspired by a specific hue (because color is everything), and “my style,” for curated outfit collages and personal outfit posts.

i hope everything on in the mix inspires you to have fun with fashion, try new things, and create your own trademark style.

in the mix received an honorable mention in the Conde Nast Intern Blog Contest in August 2012


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